The brands we represent are selected by the service and quality they provide to us and our patients. The service we demand from the designers for our patients is very high and the aftercare they provide must match their reputation for innovative fashionable styles.

Face a Face

Free, bold, colorful, FACE A FACE’s style has a real character!

Drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design. 

Frames express themselves through a unique color range which is a true Face a Face trademark.

Face a Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.

Face a Face eyewear will reveal your individual personality and underline the boldness, the  modernity, the seduction of an independent, creative object of design.


LINDBERG was created in Denmark in 1983 by Optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg and architect Hans Dissing. They had an aim to create frames that were not heavy, rigid or were not uncomfortable. The first frame they created was called Air Titanium. This was the first rimless frame of its time connected to sides measuring just a millimetre in width.

LINDBERG take pride in their Danish design tradition of classic elegance and simplicity. Today more designs have been added but each retains the original screw-free hinges and lightweight materials.

Each LINDBERG frame is manufactured from strips of Titanium and medical silicone nose pads with no welding, rivets or screws. These components combine to create frames that start from the weight of 1.9 grams. Another advantage of the use of Titanium is that each frame is incredibly flexible, durable and hypoallergenic.

LINDBERG eyewear tells individuals that you should subscribe to a different way of thinking, and appreciate exceptional design and high-quality materials. Each pair of glasses is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. All technical innovations are carefully engineered revolutionising modern eyewear. Their frames do not include screws, welds and rivets meaning the glasses are extremely flexible and strong and amongst the lightest. There are no mass produced designs each pair is customised, hand-finished and individually numbered so each individual receives the design, details and materials they prefer to suit their preferences.

  • exceptional design and high quality materials.
  • every frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. 
  • lightest frames
  • screwless hinges, no soldering

Tom Ford (we stock optical frames and sunglasses)

  • One of the market leaders in the luxury sector with a series of iconic, timeless styles that truly reflect the DNA of the brand. Simple, refined and classical styling combined with modern materials and sober colours produce an understated elegance, whilst fashion forward designs offer a bold yet sophisticated alternative and epitomise Ford’s desire to ‘create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century’. 

(About the designer: Renowned for his remarkable insight into what the modern consumer desires, Tom Ford left his role as creative director of the Gucci group to create his eponymous label in 2005. Choosing eyewear and fragrance to launch the brand, Tom Ford is widely credited with redefining the tone and direction of modern luxury goods.)


A product of coastal California, manufactured in Japan. Salt is a premium eyewear brand dedicated to timeless style and effortless beauty. Since its founding in 2006, Salt has always sought to create eyewear that reflects the golden state’s natural beauty, drawing inspiration from the sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, and pristine deserts of the brand’s California home. Taking cues from the iconic eras of film, architecture, music, and art, as well as from the people and places that make California such a unique destination, we strive to create products that capture the casual elegance of California’s aspirational lifestyle. But of course, design means more than just great style. It means creating the perfect fit. Something that Salt focuses on through every step in the process – from inspiration, to materials, to construction, Salt believes that eyewear should do more than just look good; it should fit perfectly too. Because high quality construction is not simply about beauty, it’s also about durability. It is eyewear that will stand up to the rigors of a life well lived. Which is all part of our commitment to creating products that are made to last.

Salt. Frames are made in japan with great

Attention to detail. Each salt. Frame is designed from the

Fit outwards, and we combine the finest materials with

Some of the most advanced technologies in the world.

Black Fin

Japanese dedication and Italian flair add up to the excellence of two worlds in the highest form.

Titanium is the soul of our eyewear and also our own soul. We journey to far off Japan to purchase the world’s purest titanium, the product of the centuries of work the people of that land have devoted to perfecting that raw material, to guarantee its utter purity. On reaching Italy the sheets are placed in the expert hands of the men and women in the Blackfin team whose unequalled talent enables them to transform the titanium into frames that are true works of art in amazing natural colours.

Ørgreen Quantum

Polyamide frames with titanium temples made in Denmark.

A revolutionary hinge that captures Orgreen’s forward thinking ethos – introducing a new technology, use of material and over 120 compelling colour combinations. An advanced, ultra-light frame with a new and unseen hinge technology, making the complex simple. 

Ørgreen was founded in 1997 by three design students Henrik Ørgreen, Gregers Fastrup and Tobias Wandrup. Each were members of the underground Danish art scene. They worked with products relating to street culture and extreme sports. They collaborated and came up with an eyewear concept that was based on the principle of frames as pieces of art.


Vanni is Italian design, 100% made in Italy and quality at its best.

With their in-house style centre producing exclusive and unique inspiring acetates, Vanni’s imaginative ideas are inspired by the colours of Italian food, fashion and the harmony of shapes and contemporary art. Stainless Steels feature the latest innovations in laser cutting and multi-level photo-engraving, whilst assembly is always meticulous and always hand finished ensuring the utmost quality.

Vanni Eyewear inspirationally beautiful!


ECO® is committed to sustainability in eyewear, using eco-friendly materials and planting one tree for each frame you buy. So far, we have planted over 2 million trees!

We use recycled stainless steel for our metal frames, and our Biobased collection’s main ingredient is vegetable castor seed oil. Plus, ECO® frames are UL Environment-validated!

Maui Jim sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the Hawaiian island of Maui nearly 30 years ago. A remarkable lens that not only has the finest polarising filters but also exclusive technology that replaces and renews the natural colours that are dulled by traditional sunglasses. Sunglasses should be about protection, comfort and an enhanced visual experience. Maui Jim delivers just that.

The difference is impossible to miss. Put on a pair of Maui Jims and instantly glare is gone. UV that can damage eyes, gone. The world’s true colours come shining through like never before. Bolder. Richer. Crisper. With more contrast and clarity. That’s patented, colour infused Polarized Plus®2 lens technology at work in an optically correct, distortion-free lens that’s also available in prescription.

Serengeti sunglasses

The Most Advanced Eyewear Technology

How you view the world says everything.

Which explains why Serengeti has been committed to developing the world’s most advanced sunglass-lens technology, for over 45 years. We believe that technically enhanced vision helps you focus on what truly matters – seeing more of life’s possibilities.

Sharp looks. Sharper views.

Not every sunglass brand has the vision to merge three industry-defining technologies into one ultra-superior lens. Then again, innovation has always been inherent in our DNA. With gradually-adjusting Photochromic lenses, naturally colour-enhancing Spectral Control filers, and glare-reducing Polarization, every Serengeti lens is unique – and ever frame is fashionable á la mode.

With that, achieving clarity in life is not the end game – but rather, the start. You are now able to stop looking at the world and start experiencing it.

Impressio eyewear

Artisan eyewear based in Luxembourg. Impressio pushes the technical limits and questions volumes through its collections. Curves and reliefs that reflect both naturalistic and art nouveau inspirations and modern architecture. Eyewear becomes a playground that combines new technologies and timeless know-how.