Ortho K Information


Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-k) is a specialised process of using gas permeable contact lenses to gently change the shape of the cornea to correct a range of short-sighted and astigmatic prescriptions. 

It involves the use of highly oxygen gas-permeable lenses that mould the cornea (fully reversible) during overnight wear, leaving the individual with near perfect vision on removing their contact lenses in the morning. 

The current technique of accelerated ortho-k has been practiced for about 20 years and was originally designed for adults who wished to be both spectacle and contact lens free during the day. In recent years we have expanded the use of ortho-k to include fitting young myopic children as there have been several studies from around the world that suggest a slowing of myopic progression in many children and teenagers (please see the section on our website for Myopia Control).

Our Ortho-k method will potentially correct up to -5.50DS myopia and up to -1.50 dioptres of astigmatism.