Boston Advance Formula Cleaner For Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Removes Protein & Lipid Deposits Daily use of Boston Advance Cleaner will remove protein, lipids, accumulated film, and debris from rigid gas permeable contact lenses. It prevents the accumulation of stubborn deposits which reduce wearing comfort. Sterile A – Prepare and Use: Not for use with soft lenses. Warnings: – This product is not for use directly in the eye. – Do not use beyond expiry date. – Discard the bottle and solution ninety (90) days after opening. For Your Protection Boston solution bottles are marked with a lot number and expiration date. A Tamper-Evident safety closure is used to seal the bottle. If the plastic seal on the bottle is missing or broken, do not use the solution.



  • Surface Cleaner
  • Content 30 ml
  • Application in gas lenses permeables