Dispensing Optician

I studied optics at the University of Athens, graduating in 1994. I worked as an Optician in Greece until 2012 before moving to the UK, to continue my career in optics as a dispensing optician.
Initially, I moved around, living in Warwickshire, London, Essex & Kent until 2019 when I found my home in Cambridgeshire.
Over my 30 years in optics, I have often thought that I had seen it all, only to be surprised by a weird or wonderful spectacle issue. So, if you think your case is complex, please come to see me, I would appreciate a good challenge!
I love traveling and road trips. Driving 2000 miles through a few different countries in 2 weeks, is my ideal holiday. In my free time I like riding my motorcycle and relax watching Netflix series and internet memes