Dispensing Optician

I’ve been part of the DH Thomas team since 2019 and have worked in optics since 2009. My first job in optics was as a lab technician, making the lenses and glazing before moving out into a patient facing role. Ultimately, I got the bug for helping people in this capacity and my journey to being a Dispensing Optician started. Since then, I’ve loved helping people from all walks of life and backgrounds with varying needs. It really is a pleasure for me to assist people in finding a pair of specs they love or simply offering support and guidance to those experiencing more complex optical challenges. Prior to becoming a Dispensing Optician, I studied sociology with bits of philosophy and politics thrown in, which I retain a keen interest in. Climbing, golf, darts and snooker are sports I partake in; however, I admit to loving many more. Other interests include magic; sorting my garden (which, if anyone saw would understand why I don’t say ‘gardening’); woodwork and fitness. The most niche interest I have is speedrunning retro video games – if you have any sense you won’t ask!