The optometric team

at DH Thomas

Hi, I’m Sean, and I head up our 5 strong optometric team at DH Thomas. There are a couple of us oldies, myself and Katie Miller (hope that she doesn’t take offence at being called an oldie) and 3 younger optometrists that have joined and strengthened our team over the last few years – Natasha Kumar, Melissa Morris and Nathan Sivajoti. We are here to help you with all your optometric needs in Cambridge and Saffron Walden.

If you have had an eye examination with us recently you will have observed that we have a lot of new equipment;
we have invested heavily in updating and improving what were already well- equipped practices. New OCT scanners (ocular coherence tomography), slit- lamp biomicroscopes in each consulting room, examination chairs and equipment consoles, tonometers (gentler than the previous air-puff type) and most recently an update on our excellent Optos retinal cameras.

It is all very well having this excellent equipment, but we need to understand and interpret the data and information that they reveal. This requires all the professional staff to continue to study and learn, continuing professional development (CPD) is key. Now and again, when time allows, we will put ourselves through the challenge and rigour of higher professional exams. Rest assured that we are not resting on our laurels, and we continue to learn and develop our skills.
In recent years our qualified staff have gained higher qualifications in medical retina, glaucoma, contact lenses and myopia management. Currently various members of the team are studying forIndependent Prescribing and dry eye management. We work closely with our ophthalmology colleagues both in the NHS and for private referrals.