DH Thomas uses cutting-edge technology for eye care

The world of eye care is constantly evolving and it is vital for opticians to use the latest techniques and technology to provide the best quality of care. At DH Thomas, our mission is to provide this top-quality care, and we have recently invested in three new machines to assist us.

Our new Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine provides a detailed cross-sectional scan of the macula and optic nerve using infra-red light. So, why is this important in an eye exam? The macula and the optic nerve are crucial for sight. The macula helps translate the light entering your eye into colour, and the optic nerve is responsible for transmitting the information to your brain. But they are both located at the ‘back’ of the eye, which can make it difficult to get good images.

The OCT scans provide our opticians with images that allow them to monitor the macula and the optic nerve and to detect any abnormalities early. Abnormalities in these regions are caused by eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Diagnosing, monitoring and treating (when possible) is critical for the maintenance of healthy vision.

DH Thomas has also recently acquired the latest in Slit Lamp technology. The Slit Lamp is the microscope and light that our opticians use to examine the eye close up. The patient rests their chin on a small support while the optician examines each eye. Using this technology, opticians will be able to assess the sclera, the white part of your eye, the cornea, the pupil, the lens and more. This facilitates the detection of conditions such as cataracts, damage or injury to any part of the eye, or other degeneration. The latest in this technology means that DH Thomas can optimally and efficiently monitor your eyes.

These two new technologies are joined by an additional machine, the Field Analyser. This specialised technology provides an analysis of points in the optic nerve to evaluate glaucoma damage. The accuracy and the speed at which this test works helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of the patient’s glaucoma.

This arsenal of technology allows DH Thomas to provide you with the highest quality eye care to ensure your best vision now and in the future. To book your next appointment with a DH Thomas Optician, contact us here: https://www.dhthomas.co.uk/book/